More and more people are trying to grow their plants at home. However, we are not all born with green fingers. To make growing plants easy for everyone, BIOCANNA developed the EasyBox: the perfect box for new and small growers.



Less is better

BIOCANNA fertilizers are designed for soil and potting-mixes. You can use them for growing in or outdoors. This box contains all you need to get great results.


To make it as easy as possible, the BIOCANNA EasyBox contains only two bottles:

Bio Vega

The BioVega nutrient, to be used during the period of growth between germination and flowering (vegetative phase), supplying all the necessary feeding elements to grow a strong and helthy plant.

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Bio Flores

And the BioFlores nutrient to simulate and support your plant's growth from the first flower to harvest (generative phase), giving you beautiful flowers and delicious fruits.

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No need to measure pH or EC:

BIOCANNA gives you the advantage of growing without taking any measurements, making it the ideal product for beginners to start their journey in the growing universe.


BIOCANNA fertillizers are cerfied to use for organic farming. BIOCANNA products are plant-based, 100% vegan quality, giving you the best results while respecting the enviroment. These products are enriched with directly available and absorbable nutrients, proteins, fruit acids (AHA), and vitamins.

How To Use It

Putting seed in the pot

Once you see the second set of leaves start feeding according to the grow schedule.

Filling the tank with water

Use room temperature water (18 - 22 Cº).

Shaking bottles

Make sure you always shake the bottles before use.

Checking Grow Schedule

Check the recommended values in the grow schedule for the advised dosage and add it to the water.

Mixing and stirring Products in the tank

Add the additives or/and nutrients one after another and stir well in between.

Watering Plants

You are ready now to water the plant(s). For your watering strategy, follow the watering recommendations. See article: Watering based on weight of the pot.